G Creations sweet handmade jewels made their first appearance in 2008 in Athens, Greece.
G Creations collection includes – but is not limited to- sweet and food miniature jewels, hand sculpted by polymer clay, and tiny glass bottles filled with candies, stardust and … “magic potions”!

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Πέμπτη 19 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

♥ Just a Tease!

Delicious Jewelry and colorful Pet Tag designs..
..more photos and items coming soon!

Miniature food Jewelry, Animal Print Glow in the Dark Dog Tags, Miniature Bottles, 
Travel Soap and so much more!

Squishy Dessert Necklace {unique, just like you!}

Oh and this is one of the main reasons I wasn't that active on here lately... 
being really happy, that is! =)

You will find G Creations at:

G Creations

♥ Etsy Trades {part 11}

I know it's been a while since my last Etsy Trades post.. so here it is!

During the last months I had the chance to trade with very talented artists/ people and to get so many awesome handmade thingies!

I hope you like them and please do visit the Etsy shops for more items!!! =)

~¨*~.•:*¨*. ¨*~:•*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨ ¨*:•:*¨*~.•:* 

 Two of my absolute favorites are this Vegan PVC Vinyl Spiked Collar and Bracelet from NecroLeather

You can find her amazing items and contact her here: www.etsy.com/shop/NecroLeather
You are strongly advised to visit this shop, especially if you like Goth/ Punk style or are into some awesome BDSM! I love this set so much that I am planning to take more photos... stay tuned! :D

~¨*~.•:*¨*. ¨*~:•*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨ ¨*:•:*¨*~.•:* 

 This cute magnet set is not part of a trade, but Linda and Lauren from EnchantedDooDads are SO AMAZING to send an extra set after the one presented here. They are really cute to deal with and offer excellent customer service and communication!


You can find their amazing items and contact them here: www.etsy.com/shop/EnchantedDooDads

~¨*~.•:*¨*. ¨*~:•*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨ ¨*:•:*¨*~.•:* 

 These deliciously smelling "Love Spell" solid perfumes from DarkBeautyBoutique :
Jenny also included a really cute Lavender Lip Balm. Love it!

You can find her amazing items and contact her here: www.etsy.com/shop/DarkBeautyBoutique

~¨*~.•:*¨*. ¨*~:•*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨ ¨*:•:*¨*~.•:* 

 These custom personalized flannels and this "Style your own" necklace from TheStuddedTeacup :
I have a strong love for the letter Å (found in the Norwegian and Danish alphabet). She was really helpful and actually made this letter especially for my flannel. How sweet!!


You can find her amazing items and contact her here: www.etsy.com/shop/TheStuddedTeacup

~¨*~.•:*¨*. ¨*~:•*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨ ¨*:•:*¨*~.•:* 

 This sweet Baking sweet of Cards, assorted scalloped circles and lots of assorted (and purple) grommet tags from CardsbyJeweleighaB :

You can find her amazing items and contact her here:  www.etsy.com/shop/CardsbyJeweleighaB

~¨*~.•:*¨*. ¨*~:•*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨ ¨*:•:*¨*~.•:* 

 These lovely Heart Button Gift Tags, Personalized Name Gift Tag and Die Cut Bookmarks from EleriHafDesigns :

You can find her amazing items and contact her here: www.etsy.com/shop/EleriHafDesigns

~¨*~.•:*¨*. ¨*~:•*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨*..*¨*:•..•:*¨ ¨*:•:*¨*~.•:*

You can also check out my Etsy Trades blog posts 

xx Gabbie
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